1. Perchè rivolgersi alla cosmesi biologica?

La cosmetica biologica consente….

2. Sono sicuri i miei acquisti su Fiori di Calendula?

Fiori di Calendula utilizza un sistema di cifratura SSL 128 bite per garantirti la massima sicurezza negli acquisti on line. I tuoi dati saranno trattati come previsto dalle norme vigenti in materia di privacy.

3. Entro quanto sarà spedito in mio ordine?

Non appena avremo ricevuto il pagamento procederemo a preparare la confezione per affidarlo al corriere in giornata.

4. Effettuate rimborsi?

Effettuiamo rimborsi solamente per merce arrivata danneggiata o non idonea per essere utilizzata. E’ possibile inviare una mail all’indirizzo [email protected] allegando le foto del prodotto danneggiato e il tagliando di consegna rilasciato dal corriere.

5. Con quale corriere viene spedita la merce?

Solitamente utilizziamo GLS o SGT che garantiscono corriere rapide in 2/3 giorni, isole escluse e ci consentono di offrire le spese di spedizione gratuite a partire da € 45. In caso di particolari esigenze possiamo concordare la spedizione con altro corriere di fiducia o con le poste. Precisiamo che il cambio di corriere ad altro scelto dal cliente potrebbe richiedere un’integrazione nelle spese di cosegna.

6. Do you need your theme to offer multiple layouts and columns?

Again, don’t assume your theme has multiple layouts and will accommodate things like full width pages, one or two sidebars, columns within content, etc. Review the theme description and demo to make sure the theme layouts will support the content you want to create. Also verify the theme has widgetized sidebars and that the sidebar content isn’t hardcoded into the theme.

7. Does the theme’s navigation support your website or blog’s content?

Before you start looking for the perfect theme, decide if you need one menu or two menus. People many times use one menu for pages and secondary menu for categories. Do you need footer navigation or footer widgets with links? Is the navigation bar long enough to accommodate all your primary menu options? Some are not and I’ve even fallen into this trap with one of our designers. She created the nicest theme and it wasn’t until we were building it out that I realized the menu bar was way to small for the average amount of links people would need.

Learn from my mistake and consider your content sitemap and navigation requirements before buying your new theme.

8. Does the theme offer call to actions for the home page and/or sidebar?

I’m a huge proponent of call to actions. I want every stock theme and every custom theme we build to have these available. Every website or blog wants the visitor to do “something”. You have to have a cohesive design with built-in options for call to actions to work well and look professional.

Before selecting your theme, figure out what actions you want visitors to take and document them. Then while theme shopping, make sure your theme can support your list of visitor to do items.

9. Is the theme SEO friendly?

While WordPress is SEO friendly by default, not every WordPress theme will adhere to SEO best practices. Clean, optimized theme code is important for achieving the best search engine rankings possible. Quality code and solid design architecture make it much easier for search engines to digest your content and present it to searchers.

WordPress SEO guru Yoast, encourages theme buyers to validate their theme includes the following SEO fundamentals: displayed taxonomy descriptions, excerpts on archive pages, breadcrumbs, proper anchor text for post titles.

Yoast also warns buyers against themes that include: site name forced into title tag, static meta descriptions on pages, static robot tags, use H1 for the logo on every tag, place sidebars above content, hide links in the theme beyond theme creator.

Some of the discussion will be overkill for new WordPress users. The bottom line is you should make sure your theme developer mentions SEO and discusses why their theme is SEO friendly. And if you buy a new theme and simple SEO plugins like All-in-One SEO don’t work, replace the theme because you’ve got way more issues than you realize.

10. What level of support will you require?

Theme support can be available by phone, email, video tutorial, instruction manuals, forums, etc. The theme developer’s workload, sales, and sale price will determine what level of support is offered.

I try an answer all presales questions, but can only do so via email. I do not have the bandwidth to respond via phone. We also provide instructions for set up in our online forum as well as answer questions from users. We do not provide video tutorials, because well, I hate to watch videos. If you are a brand new WordPress user and you really need videos, then you should consider this and you buying decision.

Another point to note is that some developers offer no support. Themeforest.net sells themes by some coders who have day jobs and they simply don’t have the time to provide forum support. Not only should you pay attention to the availability of forum support, you should also look to see if the forum is answered promptly. In my mind a day is prompt, but a week or month is not. StudioPress won my heart with their forum support. Not only do they answer forum questions, they have WordPress experts like Ron and Andrea on staff to do so.

If you are a brand new to WordPress and expect you’ll need a lot of hand holding, make sure you select a theme developer that offers lots and lots of support features.